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Monday, September 12, 2011

Betting Buddies

My cowbell clangs today for those unknown guys in New Orleans who were at the table next to us to watch the MSU - Auburn game.  Let's just say they had been in town since Friday morning and they had been enjoying the city.  Probably young professionals out to have fun for a friend's wedding.

Checky and I met Daniel in New Orleans on Saturday morning. He came to town to celebrate Katie's grandparents 55th wedding anniversary. Katie and Daniel joined us for a beignet breakfast at 9:15 (ahem 10:15 when they finally arrived. Have you ever been starving waiting on someone to join you? we aimlessly wandered through the quarter cause I was too hungry to stand in line and watch others consume those amazing fried pillows of yeast smothered in confectioners sugar, washed down with cafe a lait. heck I am not even hungry and my stomach smiles at the words).

 We thought we could catch the ballgame on the TV at the Westin because the Times Pic said that WWL TV would be carrying the game. But, alas, we could not bring ourselves to watch tennis instead of our beloved dogs. So off we went to watch the game with what sounded like a million Iowa State and Iowa fans.  Yes, a sports bar full of people yelling and screaming at a game that went into three overtimes before FINALLY ending.  So here we were..... a room full of I and ISTATE fans, two or three Auburn fans, and a table of quite rowdy, who knows where they were from, guys who were so glad to see us come in BECAUSE they had bet on State.

 First off, they got the stupid award cause we all know you never, ever bet on the dawgs.  Cheer for them, celebrate with them, cry with them but never, ever put your money on the Dawgs!!!! The guys were chugging something that you pour a shot of beer in and chug very fast before it curdles. think the Irish pub called it an Irish car bomb. They had lots of bombs. They were headed to being bombed! When State scored to tie the game at 14, one of the dudes actually cut cartwheels across the room. They had to leave before the game was over to go get ready for a wedding. All I could think of was the poor parents of the bride who had spent a fortune for a Saturday night wedding in New Orleans and these five guys being there. Hope they weren't groomsmen. And poor guys.... they lost their bet... they had MSU and 6 1/2.  But I do appreciate their support.  And cheering with them was fun!!! CLANGING AWAY in the Big Easy.

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