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Monday, September 12, 2011

Betting Buddies

My cowbell clangs today for those unknown guys in New Orleans who were at the table next to us to watch the MSU - Auburn game.  Let's just say they had been in town since Friday morning and they had been enjoying the city.  Probably young professionals out to have fun for a friend's wedding.

Checky and I met Daniel in New Orleans on Saturday morning. He came to town to celebrate Katie's grandparents 55th wedding anniversary. Katie and Daniel joined us for a beignet breakfast at 9:15 (ahem 10:15 when they finally arrived. Have you ever been starving waiting on someone to join you? we aimlessly wandered through the quarter cause I was too hungry to stand in line and watch others consume those amazing fried pillows of yeast smothered in confectioners sugar, washed down with cafe a lait. heck I am not even hungry and my stomach smiles at the words).

 We thought we could catch the ballgame on the TV at the Westin because the Times Pic said that WWL TV would be carrying the game. But, alas, we could not bring ourselves to watch tennis instead of our beloved dogs. So off we went to watch the game with what sounded like a million Iowa State and Iowa fans.  Yes, a sports bar full of people yelling and screaming at a game that went into three overtimes before FINALLY ending.  So here we were..... a room full of I and ISTATE fans, two or three Auburn fans, and a table of quite rowdy, who knows where they were from, guys who were so glad to see us come in BECAUSE they had bet on State.

 First off, they got the stupid award cause we all know you never, ever bet on the dawgs.  Cheer for them, celebrate with them, cry with them but never, ever put your money on the Dawgs!!!! The guys were chugging something that you pour a shot of beer in and chug very fast before it curdles. think the Irish pub called it an Irish car bomb. They had lots of bombs. They were headed to being bombed! When State scored to tie the game at 14, one of the dudes actually cut cartwheels across the room. They had to leave before the game was over to go get ready for a wedding. All I could think of was the poor parents of the bride who had spent a fortune for a Saturday night wedding in New Orleans and these five guys being there. Hope they weren't groomsmen. And poor guys.... they lost their bet... they had MSU and 6 1/2.  But I do appreciate their support.  And cheering with them was fun!!! CLANGING AWAY in the Big Easy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

MSU Hospitality!

A few years ago, my son Daniel went to Korea on a two week exchange program through Mississippi State.  When he returned, he asked me to host a dinner for Korean students coming to MSU that fall.  I truly did not get what he was asking me to do, other than feed quite a few Korean students an American meal and provide them a place to hang-out for a few hours.  I had no idea what an incredible couple of hours were about to unfold.  Watching their faces as they processed America - Mississippi style; seeing their pleasure in meeting others from Korea -even though they were half a world away from their homes; watching glimmers of homesickness for family after just a few days; admiring their resolve to make it in a strange place; falling in love with their sweet, genuine hearts. That night I saw the group as individuals on a journey without a lot of stuff to hold on to.
Not surprising, although I had never given any thought to it, I learned that most international students come to college with a suitcase.That is pretty much it...except for a backpack......for a whole year of living. Since there is little public transportation in Starkville, it is up to the students who have been on the previous global exchange to get together a few trucks and take these international students to Walmart to buy bicycles and necessities.  Now replay in your mind the stark contrast between that picture and move-in day at MSU. Nuff said?
Because of my experience with those Korean students....  I am clanging my bell today for the Garage Give-Away at the International Friendship House this weekend.  The International students at MSU get to shop for free from the collection of donated housewares and furniture. Last year one student had been sleeping on the floor of an apartment before discovering the generosity of area Christians to provide out of their "abundance" with mattress and box spring. It seems most of us hoard things that could be put to good use by these students.  I was amazed at the stuff hiding out at my house. Maybe you will be, too.  If it is too late for you to donate this year, consider starting a box to collect for next year. The house is located at 211 Collegeview - next to Akin Village.  You can drop any new or gently used household items off by Friday. If you need more info call 662-323-2126.  Trucks are needed with volunteers to help college students get their treasures to their apartments. CLANG CLANG CLANG for those who are demonstrating real love by meeting real needs of our international students. I can't wait to do more next year!!! Won't you join me???

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cheers at Cappe's

Tonight the bell clangs for the good folks at Cappe's Steakhouse in Starkville. We took Granddaddy there for a steak early in the evening. As we were finishing up our meal, a certain football team was being finished off in a nail biter. As the final seconds ticked off the clock on the tv screen, the restaurant erupted in applause. I know that it is hard to believe but I was not the one leading the applause. You can bet that I joined in. Bulldog nation united!!


A special clang for my friend Pat Nelson who sent out score updates on Facebook. (Pat was my first boss at Entergy and partly responsible for CHECKY and I finding each other after college because he wanted a Bully for Bellard bumper sticker. Hoping he will be the new legislator from Desoto County when the votes are counted. Also father of Julie Nelson for you young Bulldogs) You outdid yourself with those descriptions. Could not wait for the final score. You made me holler when I read it. If you want the best updates ever be Pat's friend. You can tell him I sent you!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rebel Without A Cause

CLANG CLANG CLANG for the TSUN person who came up with Rebel 101.  Have to clang a bell for the sheer entertainment quality of the clip. They are so confused. They are yelling for Rebels with a black bear in the background. They are teaching a fight song that has been around for a hundred years. And there are even instructions for coming to the game early. TSUN is definitely at an all time low. And still sinking.

It begins with the a guy encouraging fans to get to the game 40 minutes before game time by following the band into the stadium.  Seriously???? Seriously??? and then continues to " lock the vaught" by encouraging fans to lock arms and sway???  You really have to see this to believe it!  Heres hoping TSUN engineers designed that stadium for all that swaying ....oh wait, the fans at TSUN, the partying school, have been swaying for a while. Of course they get there late and leave early so as not to stress the stands too much.Can you imagine the ESPN highlight on the collapse of the stadium due to "swaying"? Just make sure you stay with the clip long enough to catch the teaching of the fight song. This season, they have printed the word to the fight song on the STADIUM CUPS!  Oh, for crying out loud, how ridiculous.  Watch for the guys in the video actually having to look down to read the words so they can sing then.  PUH LEASE  at least learn the song before showing up for taping!!!  Guess when so many of your students come from out of state, and maybe have not grown up going to the games, there is a need to print the words on the cup ( which we all know will be in your hand at the game so that you can spill its contents on everyone around)

You, Dawgs, will laugh I promise. After you wipe the astonished look off your face that a university would actually have to teach their fans to yell DeFense.

Like I have commented so often this year. It is not nearly as much fun telling them where to go anymore --- they are already there.

Here's the link:

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wisdom from Whit

I am clanging today for wise words from Whit Waide!!!! Whit makes my day almost everyday with his tweets. If you are not following him then you should be.  Sometimes it is a little shocking for my grey hair but almost always makes me smile.
Whit shared with MSU students at the Drill.  He had five points that I am thinking would help all of us be better folks. Check out the actual speech below.  Preach Brother Whit!!!!!
1 .Have courage. Learn something new.
2. Be nice to other people
3. Work hard.  Work smart.
4. Think. Don't believe everything every hollerin' lunatic tells you
5. Grind for YOUR STATE

CLANG CLANG CLANG for Whit Waide.  So glad you are Grindin and challenging the future leaders with your intellect and humor.. Thank God you are at MSU and thank God I have the privilege to be an MSU alum.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Gentle Giant

CLANG CLANG CLANG for Titus Brown, a linebacker,  who scooped a fumble and ran 43 yards for a touchdown last night in an NFL preseason game. Not sure, but I am thinking that he might have had the longest run of the night for the Cleveland Browns.

I had the privilege of meeting Titus after State's victory at the Liberty Bowl in 2007. The defense he led had just handcuffed some running back who had been running free all season. It was a hard fought physical ballgame. Checky (my husband) and I were having a late dinner when this BIG guy walked in all smiles.  Somebody spoke to him and called him Titus and all the sudden I was seeing a star.  So all of my five feet and 1 inches walked up to this BIG guy and said "I just want to thank you for how much fun it was tonight. I know you guys have spent a lot of time in preparation this season that wasn't fun. I have been a faithful Bulldog for 44 years and it hasn't always been fun. BUT I want you to know that you made tonight FUN! (and just think... this was BEFORE Boobie announced to the world that those bowl games were FUN FUN FUN) Hope I am not bothering you .... thank you for the evening.  The big guy just looked down with the sweetest little boy look and said awhhhh and gave me a big hug.  IT WAS SO GREAT!!

Wish I could have been there to tell him how wonderful I think his first professional touchdown is.  It will just have to do that I am clanging a bell for big Titus - who was a gentle giant one night in Memphis to some fanatic MSU Bulldog.  CLANG CLANG